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Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

–Attend the Vigil at Lewisburg Penitentiary July 28th–

Join us and other Peltier supporters at the entrance of USP-Lewisburg on July 28 between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. for a peaceful protest and vigil. Meet at the corner of Route 15 and William Penn Road. USP-Lewisburg is located in central Pennsylvania, 200 miles north of Washington, DC, and 170 miles west of Philadelphia.

Days Inn will give a discount to anyone attending the Peltier vigil. The motel is 1 mile from the prison. The phone number is 570-523-1171.

You perhaps can’t make the trip to Lewisburg. What to do?

Plan a peaceful, respectful and sincere demonstration at a federal or state building in your area.

Please Help us Circulate this Press Release ~ In your state ~


–Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians join call for Peltier’s parole –

Characterizing U.S. political prisoner Leonard Peltier’s continued incarceration as “a sad commentary on the US government and the humanitarian values Americans profess,” Archbishop Desmond Tutu joined thousands of people around the world in writing to the U.S. Parole Commission on Peltier’s behalf.

Tutu’s July 8 letter expresses “deep hope that your commission will grant parole and release to Leonard Peltier.”

Peltier’s home reservation, Turtle Mountain, cited Peltier’s health and political status in calling on the commissioners to release the 64-year-old American Indian Movement activist.

In a July 7 letter signed by reservation council member Cindy L. Malaterre, Turtle Mountain states that “it is time for you to end the chapter to this tragic event and release our tribal member, who is now an elder, who needs to come home to live out his remaining days on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, where his friends, family and tribe live.”

Peltier, who has served more than 33 years in federal prison, is scheduled for a full parole hearing on July 28, his first since 1993. Under federal parole commission regulations, prisoners are subject to mandatory release after serving 30 years, unless they have committed serious offenses in prison or pose a significant threat to violate the law.

Peltier has an exemplary prison disciplinary record and is a six-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee due to his humanitarian efforts and commitment to justice for the world’s indigenous peoples.

SUN RISE PRAYER VIGIL and RALLY on Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SUN RISE PRAYER VIGIL and RALLY on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 calling for the Freedom of Leonard Peltier. Thank you for your concern regarding Leonard Peltier. Please mark your calendars and inform your networks.

The American Indian Movement (AIM) and AIM-WEST of San Francisco invites you the general public for an early morning SUN RISE PRAYER VIGIL and RALLY on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 calling for the Freedom of Leonard Peltier.

On Tuesday, July 28th the US Parole Commission in Lewisburg, Penn. will review the case of Leonard Peltier, held in prison for over three decades. This is the best opportunity Leonard will get during his entire period of incarceration to a fair review of his case before the US Parole Commission. The whole world is watching and waiting!

Please join with us in solidarity with Leonard, his family and relations, friends and supporters from around the world on this day and let us pray for an open mind, and to let the healing of America begin. The general public is invited to join with us in San Francisco at the Federal Building 450 Golden Gate Avenue for an early morning SUN -RISE PRAYER VIGIL beginning at 6 am until 3 pm. All Drummers and Singers, Dancers, Community Youth and Elders, solidarity organizations and NGO’s are urged to join with us to celebrate this special occasion. Religious groups and social movements are also encouraged to attend this spiritual gathering and stand together hand in hand, burning sacred sage, being of one mind in Peace calling upon the US Parole Commission to finally release Leonard Peltier from three decades of incarceration for a crime he did not commit! There will be special invited speakers, and the media and press are welcome to cover the event. The public is encouraged to immediately call today the office of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, in SF at 415-556-4862 to remind her to write a letter to the US Parole Commission by July 14th just as she did in August 1993 to Attorney General Janet Reno asking for a review of the circumstances behind this case in view of discrepancies in handling it’s process. Congresswoman Pelosi is also invited to address the VIGIL on July 28 in SF if she happens to be in the CITY. The SF County Board of Supervisor’s are also encouraged to come and support these efforts for Leonard’s release from prison.

This is a peaceful and non-violent gathering on behalf of Leonard and his family and to always be respectful and honorable in seeking his freedom.

For more information call at 415-577-1492.

Thank You All My Relations! Antonio Gonzales AIM-WEST Director


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This is a critical time for Leonard and for the LPDOC. With the parole hearing coming up, and the Lawyers working on Leonards case. We need to do everything in our power to see that Leonard is released. With this work in progress we also need funds to continue.

–World Day of Prayer–

Branson Missouri by the water at Table Rock Lake, anyone can come and pray with us, we will be at the park. All are welcome. Call for questions 417-302-5226. Come at sunrise!


Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
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