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December 29, 2009 by  
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In response to David A. Lehrer’s December 16th piece titled “A Vile Character Performs at the Taper”, I ask those of you who are seeking truths and balance to please visit the Republic of Lakotah website,  which documents the vile past and present genocidal policies of the United States of America. I also encourage those same readers and visitors of the Jewish Journal to read my autobiography “Where White Men Fear to Tread”, published by St. Martins Press (on its 15th printing in 15 years) for a truthful personal explanation of how I was and who I am. Then make your judgments upon the truths of my world view. I suggest you also read the following review by the Entertainment Industry‘s most prestigious publication, “Varity”  and decide if purchasing tickets to “Palestine, New Mexico” now playing at the Mark Taper Forum is indeed a “brotherhood message for this holiday season“.

I challenge you to judge for yourselves the message of the folly and stupidity of the Patriarchal Cave Man mentality of settling misunderstandings with a club.

As a post script, please do go to google and in short order discover all of my visual citations.

Russell Means, Oglala Lakota Patriot