Police State Won’t Help

October 13, 2009 by  
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In response to the opinion of Senator John Thune (R-Senator SD) dated 10/12/09, http://www.indianz.com/News/2009/016956.asp

I applaud his recognition of what the governments’ call Native American day and what he believes to truly honor the legacy of the Dakota Dakota, and Nakota traditions.  The Senator’s opinion to solving the crisis  the Dakota, et .al. face on our respective reservations and communities is to introduce more force on my People.

It seems that is the only way Demo-Publicans can respond to social ills in any community.  I disagree that we need a police state to help solve our problems on Pine Ridge.  What is needed is what the United States Constitution Article 6 states; Treaties are the law of the land.  In one of those agreements we are promised the Arts of Civilization, in return for the richest parts of our land and rivers.

The interpretation of the Arts of Civilization include the following:
Our own energy companies, banks, control over our own lands including water and minerals, the right to a meaningful education that is certified by our culture not by the state or any government, true healthy comprehensive health care.  All of the above would enable us to be self sufficient and contributing to the wealth by a vastly greater degree than we do now.  It would certainly lessen the need for police power.  Senator Thune and all government officials, including police take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  There are not any ‘Buts’ in those oaths.

Without the duly constitutional rights enumerated above, we will always need an increase in police power.  What is a population with over 80% unemployed  going to do without our rights to participate in the economics of the world. I understand the reservation police are overworked and understaffed, however, that is actually the last of our problems that needs to be addressed by Senator Thune or anyone else.

Everyone in SD and the world should understand there are 9 Sioux Indian Reservations and their Peoples from which constitutes over 25% of the tax base of the state of SD.  Also, the wealth of those reservation lands and the water are traded on wall street by the attorney general of SD.  Look it up on Dunn and Bradstreet, and other financial indexes that monitor wall street. Therefore, it is understandable why SD and the Federal Government needs to keep us impoverished and dependent in order for the surrounding white communities to exist.  That includes NE towns and counties along the SD border.

Russell Means, Chief Facilitator
Provisional Government
Republic of Lakotah