Weekend Update #29: Where are the Women?

October 4, 2009 by  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means gives voice to the
destructive conditions that women willingly undergo in society. From
those who inhibit their fertility, to those arguing for equal rights,
Russell Means speaks to the underying troubles facing women today, and what can be done to bring the situation back into balance.

Weekend Update #29: Where are the Women? from Russell Means on Vimeo.

Wounded Knee ’73: Full Video On-Line

May 22, 2009 by  
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Click below to watch the 80 minute documentary, “Wounded Knee ’73″, a documentary about the 71 day standoff at Wounded Knee on-line. The in-depth documentary retraces the history and cause of the siege, including the destruction of Indian Culture and the abuse of peoples that occurred in Indian Boarding Schools.

Link to PBS Site to view “Wounded Knee ’73″

Russell Means on KUOW – The Fall of the Dollar

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In an hour long interview with Steve Scher, Russell Means speaks to the current economic situation and the fall of the dollar.  He speaks as well of the deceitfulness of the Federal Reserve and how the U.S. Government, in collusion with the Federal Reserve, is printing money out of nothing.

Russell Means points the way out of the current debacle by calling for a return to matriarchy, rule of consensus and how, once again, small is beautiful.

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