Legal Basis

  • 1700′s: Lakotah governed themselves as they had for thousands of years
  • 1803: Louisiana Purchase Treaty between US and France in which the US promises to respect the liberties, property and religious rights of the inhabitants of the territory, which includes the Lakotah.
  • 1805-1868: Numerous treaties between the US and Sioux Nation, all of which have been violated by the US.
  • 1974: International Treaty Conference attended by over 5000 Lakotah, including many elders. Lakotah elders give two mandates to attendees, international recognition of indigenous rights, and sovereignty. Declaration of Continuing Independence also issued by the conference.
  • September 2007: UN passes the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • December 2007: Lakotah Freedom Delegation withdraws from all treaties with the US.

Petition for Recognition of Lakotah Sovereignty
February 19, 2008

To All Nations of the World:

Greetings in solidarity.

Lakotah respectfully petitions your government for formal recognition of Lakotah Sovereignty. Accompanying this petition are supporting documents which show, beyond any doubt, the validity and necessity of the reclamation of our sovereignty.

Russell Means
Chief Facilitator
Provisional Government
Republic of Lakotah

Review more documents and treaties to support our Legal Basis