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 Post subject: Speaking of Lost Ancient Knowledge
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:13 am 
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(Back story, lol) I have issues in my household with others being "black toppers"; the manifestation of taking more than you give - to the highest degree. There is various levels of it. Therefore, I have to always be on guard with prayer, visualizations, salt, inceanse, thinking positive always, etc. I warned this family member about a certain person they were hanging with, whom was a black top, yet didn't take my advice, now she is one herself. These people have various sizes of holes in their auras, which may be a new concept to some people. Keeping the negativity out I had some issues with once. Then I had this awsome dream.......

So, I have this dream where I had asked for help, and I believed that God/Goddess would come and help me. So, I ask my animal spirit guides for help, and they are like here this way...... So, I am running and some how I make my way to the Everglades (don't ask, lol) and within a cleared circle of the tall grass there I see this ancient animal. It was some type of panda looking ancient horse relative that walks on it nuckles but unlike anything I have ever seen before. **Pause**

So, if you know anything about the Asian manifestations of God, they are way different, and some times scary (to us only, lol). So, when I told a friend/Elder about this dream, she said that God didn't want to scare me in a normal type of Asian form, therefore he came to me in animal form... an extremely ancient animal.

I dont know why, but instincively I knew in the dream it was the Devourer of Souls, and I also was warned once you are there, there is no turning back. I was curious, yet I knew who he was. He said " I will read you, and if you don't have a pure heart I will absorb you." I was funny, and was like "Well, I dk what I did in all those other lives that I dont remember." Literally, he beams me with some type of light beam -- and it works real quick -- b/c God just looked at possibly hundreds of lives (lol) within 2 seconds. Of course, it worked, and in waking hours I had no issues what so ever.

That was it!


Most of the Ancient Egyptian religion is still lost; we know only the "tip of the iceberge" - so to speak.

The Christians say that you cannot look at God and survive.

I totally disagree.

If you are pure hearted; you can look at God as much as you like :) hehe

just wanted to share :) lol It was a pretty epic dream, as far as dreams go. How I "knew" what that being was....pretty cool.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - The Dali Lama

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