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Keystone XL tar sands pipeline
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Author:  Lostspirit [ Thu Aug 23, 2012 7:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline


The time has come.

Last week we launched actions across Texas and Oklahoma exposing the start of TransCanada's Keystone XL construction. Thanks to your help we generated a flurry of online buzz and received national coverage in the LA Times [1]. As we send this, some of our friends and neighbors in Texas and Oklahoma are bearing witness to the devastation of their homes.

In the face of this waking nightmare, our broad coalition of landowners and concerned residents ready to resist Keystone XL has grown and doubled in strength. Texans and Oklahomans are rising up to defend their homes against this assault on their health and safety. Tar Sands Blockade is ready to live up to its name.

Will you join us for an action in the coming weeks?

We’re inviting everyone to join us as we realize our collective vision of a world without toxic tar sands pipelines. Our task is clear: through peaceful and sustained direct action, we are going to bring construction to a stop – permanently. Our strategy ensures that every blockade participant will maximize their impact. Some actions will involve a risk of arrest, which can be intimidating, and we assure that you will be supported every step of the way. There are roles for everyone and not all participants must risk arrest.

We’ll provide the necessary training in peaceful resistance and blockade tactics, and we’ll build strong relationships in the process. From the action, to the jail, and the celebration afterward, we are ready for you. To give you the opportunity to join our upcoming actions we need to know more about your desired involvement and availability during the next month.

Are you ready to join us? Let us know your interest and availability.

Now that construction has begun things are moving quickly and we want to tailor your experience as best we can. Once you’ve signed up, we will contact you by phone and email, but please consider this your official invitation and begin making plans for travel.

We have no illusions about the challenges of the path ahead, but we move forward with joy and determination, guided by our love of life and our belief that another world is possible.

In Solidarity,

Tar Sands Blockade Team

P.S. - If you aren’t able to make it out anytime soon, please consider a generous donation to support someone who can.

[1] "Keystone XL pipeline construction begins amid protets" - Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times, August 16, 2012 ... 3892.story

Author:  Lostspirit [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

"Just minutes ago four landowner advocates and climate justice organizers have locked themselves to the underside of a massive truck carrying 36″ pipe intended for Keystone XL construction. The truck is parked, idled at the entrance of the pipeyard, rendering construction activity impossible. Seven blockaders total are onsite risking arrest. We will be getting photos and video throughout the day, but check out our testimonial video below of some of today’s blockade participants."

Author:  Lostspirit [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

"Because authorities were forced to dismantle the truck to make arrests, WE SHUT DOWN CONSTRUCTION ON THIS LEG OF THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE FOR THE WHOLE DAY!

"We’re told that empty pipeline trucks were seen driving aimlessly around the region." ... -texas.htm

Author:  Lostspirit [ Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

"Indigenous communities are taking the lead to stop the largest industrial project, the Tar Sands Gigaproject. Northern Alberta is ground zero with over 20 corporations operating in the tar sands sacrifice zone, with expanded developments being planned. The cultural heritage, land, ecosystems and human health of Indigenous communities including the Mikisew Cree First Nation, Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Fort McMurray First Nation, Fort McKay Cree Nation, Beaver Lake Cree First Nation Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, and the Metis, are being sacrificed for oil money in what has been termed a “slow industrial genocide”. Infrastructure projects linked to the tar sands expansion such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, Kinder Morgan pipeline, Ontario Line 9 reversal, and the Keystone XL pipeline threaten Indigenous communities across Turtle Island." ... k-out.html

Author:  Lostspirit [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Sacred water: ... servation/

Author:  lilac [ Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Mni wicozani, through water there is life.Debra White Plume

Why don't they listen and process? I guess $$ has blinded them to the extent that they are willing to violate Mother Earth at the price of their own wellbeing too. Now that's Greed with a capital G--it has become its own evil entity.

Author:  Lostspirit [ Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Save trees, stop the pipeline:

Author:  Lostspirit [ Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline ... stone.html :D

Author:  Lostspirit [ Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Big oil using violence against Keystone demonstrators: ... _id=219022

Author:  lilac [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

We have one mother, and that’s Mother Earth,” Poor Bear stated, reminding Americans that we are all in this together.

Author:  Lostspirit [ Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline ... eanor.html ... d-off.html ... ainst.html

I have asked before and ask again: How does a foreign company use eminent domain to take land away from its owners? Vineyards destroyed, trees cut and burned, wet lands destroyed.

I have to wonder if this corporation had a fire permit?

Author:  Lostspirit [ Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

"Apparently we’ve been causing some serious delays of Keystone XL tar sands pipeline." ... sands.html

Drop by drop water wears down stone.

Author:  Lostspirit [ Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

This is a very impressive 4:00 minute video:

Lakota Media Project video 'Mni Wicozani' Water is Life ... html#links

Author:  Lostspirit [ Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Occupy Denver Calls On All Available Occupy Networks to Mobilize Against Keystone XL Pipeline January 7th: ... /#comments

Author:  Lostspirit [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline ... html#links

Author:  Lostspirit [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Marty Cobenais, Red Lake Ojibway (top photo) of the Indigenous Environmental Network:
"This morning, these 48 people marched to the White House, and engaged in civil disobedience to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.
Some are ranchers. Some are religious leaders. Others are leaders of environmental organizations. Some have the pipeline in their back yard. They sat, they locked themselves to the fence -- but they all had one message:
Stop. This. Pipeline. SHARE this if you stand with them."
Arrests today: Landowners, business leaders, frontline communities, ranchers, Indigenous people, gulf coast residents, movement leaders and celebrities sit-in at White House to stop Keystone XL.
Joshua Kahn Russell said earlier today, "Julian Bond, former head of NAACP head getting arrested now. First time in Sierra Club's 120 year history that they are participating in Civil Disobedience. Landowners, Native Americans, Students, Frontline Community Members, Business Leaders, Organization CEOs, Celebs all risking arrest to stop Keystone XL." ... .html#more

Author:  Lostspirit [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

"Very early, before dawn on Monday, December 3rd, Glen Collins, Matt Almonte, and Isabel Brooks climbed into a mile long segment of the Keystone XL pipeline and barricaded themselves inside. At sunrise, they were shocked to find light shining through a weld precisely where they were resting."

Author:  Thermlin [ Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Expect dry conditions over the next six hours
Wind: NW at 16 mph Humidity: 64% UV Index: 0 - Low Snowfall: 0 in Sunset: 5:20 pm Moonset: 10:35 pm Forecast for Today: Feb 14, 2013, 3:10pm

Winter Weather
Snow-Buried Communities Seek Help from Residents
Jay Lindsay Published: Feb 13, 2013, 6:43 AM EST Associated Press

A great horned owl remains under the veterinary care of the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale after surviving a 140-mile trip along Florida's Turnpike while wedged between an SUV's front grille and radiator.

Isn't teknology marvellous!

owl-grille,pg_650x366.jpg [ 46.6 KiB | Viewed 15600 times ]

Author:  Lostspirit [ Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline



Sunday is going to be big. Starting tomorrow, thousands of people will be making the journey to DC for what we hope will be the largest climate rally in US history.

With 48 hours to go, here's what you need to know.

First, weather: It's going to be cold, but likely dry. The forecast calls for temperatures in the low-30s, and a slight chance of a cold rain. That means lots of layers will be important. But by far the best way to keep warm is to keep our energy up, so also come prepared with chants, songs, dances -- anything that you and your friends need to get pumped up.

Second, the plan: The action starts at Noon at the Washington Monument. We'll hear from speakers, and then hit the streets. First we will assemble on Constitution Ave., then head North on 17th St. At Pennsylvania Ave. we'll hang a right, and then come back towards the Monument on 15th St. Once we're all on 15th street, we'll assemble ourselves into a giant human pipeline, which we'll then turn into a symbol of renewable energy. After that we'll re-assemble at the monument with some music and to wrap up.

Last, speakers: The rally will be MC'd by Rev. Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, and will feature Bill McKibben from 350, Michael Brune from the Sierra Club, along with Chief Jacqueline Thomas and Crystal Lameman, two indigenous leaders from Canada, Van Jones, and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

On Wednesday, 48 of our friends and allies made international news by risking arrest at the White House gates protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. The next day, two Senators introduced a bold new climate bill that charts a path forward on climate. And that's just the beginning: we have over 130 buses coming from 28 states, and tens of thousands of people signed up for Sunday’s rally, meaning we're on our way to making history.

That is real momentum. See you in the streets,


Author:  Lostspirit [ Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

Debra White Plume 'Shut Down Tarsands'

by Debra White Plume
Feb 16, 2013
Censored News
While citizens in Nebraska and all over the USA watched and waited for the decision of Nebraskan Governor Heinman regarding his decision to allow or prevent the Transcanada Keystone XL oil pipeline into ‘his’ state, I cringed, as that mentality is damaging and part of the colonial construct. The Ogllala Aquifer does not acknowledge the Governor. Nor does it acknowledge Secretary of State JohnKerry, nor President Obama. I also cringed because another chamber of the heart of the matter is where the tarsands oil comes from in the first place, and what that mining is doing to the Boreal Forest, the Athabascan River watershed, and the Red Nations People and all of life in that area.
The dirty tarsands oil is coming from the tarsands oil mine which has wreaked havoc on the lands and waters and all of life there, only to feed the insatiable monster of greed of the fossil fuel industry and the discussion must include the need to get off the fossil fuel train wreck that is ruining the earth to line the pockets of a few, and the discussion must include the realization that the time is now for all mankind to re-evaluate their true needs and wants and decide if they want this pipeline so bad they are willing to wreck the delicate balance we have already impacted so much.
There comes a time when it boils down to personal responsibility. We either look at the whole big picture to see the truth or we continue to live in the many levels of denial that we all construct, and make excuses for what the industry is doing with our support as inactive human beings. People need to take courage and take that stand that this fossil fuel industry and the tarsands oil mine is wrong and work to shut it down before it is too late. Letting that pipeline in is not only contributing to the continuation of the tarsands oil mine, destruction of sacred water and all of life, it is actually supporting the continuation of the tarsands oil mine while it risks our sacred water here because it WILL leak and spill and when it does, it cannot be cleaned up, the technology does not exist.
We have to be brave and strong and take action to stop that pipeline and shut down the tarsands oil mine. People need to see the bigger picture and realize the kind of government they have that sets up the situation so they have to choose a job over stopping the biggest threat to the Ogllala Aquifer and all our surface water as well. Who will take a stand to defend sacred water? The sacred water must be preserved for our coming generations. IT IS THEIR WATER.
I hope everyone in Washington DC tomorrow yells out 4 times “SHUT DOWN TARSANDS” in a combined voice of 30,000. That would make this Grandmother very, very happy. And the Universe may be listening. Hecetuwe. ... html#links

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