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 Post subject: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:10 pm 

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A turtle raced a rabbit and won. The End.

What did I just say? Shall we discuss the story? Does the story matter? or is it the message thats important? Most men know that the tale of the rabbit and the turtle is just a tale but babies think it is real. DOes it matter if it was an eagle and a snake in a race or a tortus and a hare? DOes it matter what the rabbit was thinking or how the turtle felt after winning? NO! its a story that carries an important message. Slow and steady wins the race. Thats the message the story is of no impotrance. The story carries the message its not the message. Reading our legends like stories and trying to make sence of the stories makes not sence you lose the message in the story if you do that.
Find the message and leave the story alone. The story is just so the the message can be remembered easily. SO they say indian legend cannot be trusted because it was passed from generation to generation. This is the very reason it is relyable because it was rememberd and passed on. so like the first tale I say a road runner and a snale had a race and they raced all day visited the white house ran to New Mexico and the road runner hit a pot hole wipped out stopped for a shit and the snale won. Completely different story but the exact same message. GET THE MESSAGE?

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 Post subject: Re: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:59 am 

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we had a great warrior that has become a cultural hero .... he spoke very few words and led by example .... he did not want the recognition we give him today .... he did not keep trophies for himself ..... he wanted the Lakota to return to thier old ways .... same story .... hoka he

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 Post subject: Re: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:40 pm 

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ndnhorseman wrote:
we had a great warrior that has become a cultural hero .... he spoke very few words and led by example .... he did not want the recognition we give him today .... he did not keep trophies for himself ..... he wanted the Lakota to return to thier old ways .... same story .... hoka he

That is a true warrior he did not fight to talk about it later. And I agree we need to go back to the old ways not living like we did five hundred years ago but live now like what if the others did not arrive 500 years ago. Why would we have done in that 500 years? What if... I say Why Not?

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 Post subject: Re: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:47 pm 

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kiwakomile interesting greeting I don't know it, must be a greeting Shawnee say to each other. When entering a distant land aki would spot another, say Shawnee. First you look and listen you don't just hop out and introduce yourself you might get what you don't want, get the point :lol:

So first you hold up your right hand to show you have no weapons as a salute. The Shawnee whould return the salute and give a greeting by telling you were you are, in the Shawnee case it would be hiho, I would return with the greeting ohiho shaking my head yes meaning the land is yours I make no claim on it just visiting. And the aki would call them by their land name. oio or o-Hill i-man o-Hill. Warriors of the great valley.

We were called the Bee peoples by them and others because we navigated by the bees and their food supply the honeysuckles we would trade along the road of honey. You could not get lost. Follow the honeysuckles and to get home you just followed them back. Much better than leaving bread crumbs

pesalo (I assume is a parting word) I would think the word was a greeting if it was said to me.

To greet we would say.
welcome come in and sit down
or pjila, welcome

We have no word for goodbye. only come back again my new friend you are my brother now.
come back or return

pesalo and pjila were from the same root. The difference is on was scribed by and English linquisist and the other by a French Priest. Same language one written in French the other in English. So you need to stip the word of the outside influences. like the H's in OiO to see men in the valley. pesalo becomes alo pjila becomes ila. now its just pronounciation alo like british masculine, and ila like french femenine.

Picture if you would an Italian and a Mexican who didn't speak english and pair them up with say a black man from california with the Italian and a man with a real southern draw with the mexican. Get them to say 10 words each the same words. And the Italian and Mexican (who know no english) to write down the words they just heard. And then have them teach their version of our words to our children.... No wonder we lost the language. We didn't look after it.

bonjour comment vous sont aujourd'hui (Hello how are you today)
bow jur commo vou sont oh jor dewy, Now I know a bit of french this is how it is spelled as it sounds in english to me anyways. And if you said it to a French man as I spelled it he would understand it if he could get past your accent. but hand him a note "bow jur commo vou sont oh jor dewy" written on it and he would look at you, like you had a second head growing out of your butt.

There was a Chief who wrote the language on his own using letters I have heard. Down in the US somplace I think. And his version of our language in using letters and his defintiions of the sounds would be spot on in my mind.

To strip words down to get the meaning there are a few rules I made up.
EGYPTj all letters that fall below the writing line are not used E means church or Temple e means either nothing at all or oo, H hides meaning like in the wod hide id or mind H id is hidden meaning. S means Slave bond serf that type of thing F means False. like a Vixen is a female Fox, fox is a False ox or a cow , our meaning for whore. Or without ore. Meaning you need not pay here she gives it away :) Or why pay for the cow when the milk is free. 8-)

The letters AILMNO(/)VWXZ (Have to remember these were written in stone and curved letters were hard to make) are the only letters I use, all the rest are stripped. K is basically an X and Z is an S but not a slave. JGYPT FESH or Egyptian fish letters I call them, Like our name for the Heiroglyphics they called our pictograms we told them they were sucker fish pictures. and we told them all the wrong meaning, they never got the joke.

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 Post subject: Re: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:57 pm 

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The Comanche people figure in to the story, especially the Penateka bands, the "Honey Eaters," which sound a bit like the Bee people.

These people I do not know these Penateka There name says capture and eat souls, and they are called honey eaters. Not someplace this Bee would want to spend the night

The Comanche I do know. They are uncles of the Aki. But they are not of our blood they are Inka peoples from the south. There are three peoples on the North America (and no Turtle island is not the name of North America sombody found the of Kluscaps Island name and applied it to the whole contient). The threes Bloods of The land are the Aki, the Inka and the Sailish. Oh and the Slavie sorry four bloodlines.The Comnchi also rever our Leader Kluscap Manitou (The Province of Manitoba is named after the Kluscap Manitou) Kluscap is not a name but a title of the Khan and yes we used the khan name. elege'wit. Manitou was a famous Kluscap but not the only Kluscap. Kinda like saying there is 45 names for the President instead of 45 different presidents. And when you say the President nobody thinks your talking about the President of Cuba just goes without saying same was true of Kluscap. He was the Khan of the Aki and the most powerful of the four tribes like the first amoung equals.

To undrestand Aki Legend you need to know what our words mean to us. You cannot apply your meaning to our words and expect to get the meaning of the Legends.

Spirit - is a color the color of clear or invisable. The spirit world is just a place you can see and nobody else can. A dream or day dream or when your stoned on the Fly Mushrooms or the Buttons. Wind is a spirit, Air is a spirit, Water is a spirit, Fire water is a spirit. and so on.

Sky - is a direction means east a starting point. Drop the S&Y K which is an X where you started from. east is found by sticking an arrow in the ground and looking at the shadow place map under the shadow center it on your map and thats it not true north but east true or Asatru or Asateli.

Dan - is home or Den like a beaver damn or longdan (Longhouse)

Haven - is Heaven so when you leave home in the east head west Haven is in the sky or east.

Magic - Mag is a tablet or paper (Magizine) you write on or birch bark (Bark to talk).

Magician - One who can write.

Magic Wand - is a wrting stick the magician uses to write magic (Just words on bark).

Magic Staff - We called an ally stick a staff you send with a message on it either arrow or spear ARROW is High Man to Man land across river so its a friendly message. SPEAR drop SP and we have EAR or Listen Now or war. or can be a Tally stick for trade. (Tall T like a totem for scales.)

Anan - is a Beehive

Aki - People

Ananau - is a mountain with a hole in it like a beehive.

Annunaki - Is the Beothuck the Bee People

Bee Wand - was a small stick split not in two like tweezers. dipped in honey like a glue and you could hold a bee by the buttend and dip his ass in ink to write with on be paper or birch bark. After your done you can release him with a gift of honey stuck to him for his troubles.

Book of Bees - is the Library or history books of the bees or Book of Bees we call the Legend of the Aki. Dates to 52,000 BC when the Queen Bee fell from the sky and shook the world and all the stars flew north and the hopi were almost destroyed save a few in the caves. I wrote a short story about it kinda stupid cus I write so bad.

I'll stop now. You will read they killed all the Beothuck but some of the smart ones got away to write another day.

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 Post subject: Re: The turtle and the rabbit
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 2:59 pm 

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Here are the rules for figuring things out.

1. NO GOD ever under no circumstances.

2. No Magic

3. No Supernatural If you can't do it now the could not do it then.

4. No Aliens they might be out there but relyable Aki sources tell me no contact has been made. They were said to have come here once but they lied the never came for minerals and gold they came for the Protien...... do do do do.

This is my Wizardometer Wiz-wise, Ard-great forest or Wise Stand
I also look up each syllable of a word the makes no sense in the context its used.

Belief - is the lowest form of wisdom it requires 2 things:
: Faith or trust in the person telling you
: Hope They are not Lying to you

Fact - Is just above Belief and is the basis of law and science and requires 2 things.
: Proof have to show your results
: Evidence has to be duplicated by others.

Truth - Requires 2 things if you believe in the facts you can have truth by consensus (Jury) or (World is flat)
: Belief
: Fact

Knowledge - requires 2 things This in my case is Absolute truth that everyone on the planet (with grain of sense) will agree upon. like if you jump off the empire state your gonna die. or your gonna die. Or fire is hot. water is wet. Anythin you can logically reason to be correct.and have anybody else do it too. Like hey I heard that a man walked on water. The burden of proof is always on the claimant. If you say there is a god then you must prove it. If I say you murdered sombody I have to prove it you did in fact do it, you don't have to prove you didn't do it. I don't know how many times I've heard prove there is no god....If there was a shread of proof the somthing that did not exist were available then he would exist because there would not be nothing...
: Logic
: Reason

Wisdom - Requires 2 things


When the Knowledge is true There lies wisdom deep in the great forest hidden from the Believers the Facts. And only with The light of Truth and Knowledge. Will you find the hidden Wisdom and only the Wise (dome) will ever see the Wizard behind the Mask of the Myth.

And my 1 rule

If it doesn't look right or feel right then its not right.

So if you want to listen to an old Aki Wizard who knows great magic and sees into the past to the lost annals thur the mysts of time.

(Translation) Old fart who can read and write (Sort of) and knows how to read Aki stories.

So remember these are My rules not your rules I just pointed out what I do not what anybody else has to do. These rules apply to me. Like a belief is not true just because you and 10 million other people believe it you have the rules for truth, no more than does a fact make knowledge. everything must have 2 things to support it being taken to the next level. And wisdom is never supported by beliefs. Just like 2 believers does not make Wisdom.

And as for me, Believe Nothing, I Lie I Lie Fast.

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