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Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:41 pm ]
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Star Maiden (Cherokee "Principal People." Maiden)


Waupee the White Hawk (Tribe) lived in a deep forest where animals and birds were abundant. Each day he returned from the chase well rewarded, for he was one of the most skilful hunters of his (White Hawk) tribe. No part of the forest was too dark for him to penetrate, and there was no track he could not follow.

One day he went beyond any point he had visited before, through an open bit of forest which enabled him to see a great distance (Forest ends Prairie begins) (Where the Ohio meets the Mississippi). Light breaking through showed that he was on the edge of a wide plain covered with grass. He walked here for some time without a path, then suddenly came to a ring worn down in the earth as if made by footsteps following a circle. What excited him was the fact that there was no path leading into the ring or away from it. He could find no trace of footsteps in any crushed leaf or broken twig.

Waupee thought he would hide and watch to see, if he could, what had made the circle. Very soon he heard faint sounds of music. He looked up and saw a small something (Canoe) descending (Coming) to earth (Heaven is East Earth is West). From a mere speck it grew bigger and the music became stronger and sweeter. He beheld a basket (Basket we call the Birch Bark Canoe we make baskets out of them too canoe is just a big basket) in which rode twelve beautiful maidens.

As soon as the basket touched the ground (came a shore), the girls leaped out. They began to dance round the magic ring (Like a crop circle in grass dance circle and as they dance the make drsigns in the grass) , striking a shining ball (a bell, painted shell with rocks in it a rattle of some sort) as they flitted past. Waupee gazed upon their graceful movements. He admired them all, but most of all the youngest. Unable to restrain his admiration, suddenly he rushed out of his hiding place and tried to seize her. But the sisters, quick as birds, as soon as they saw him leaped into the basket and rose up into the sky. (They head up river in the Canoe)

Waupee gazed till he could see them no more. "They are gone, and I shall not see them again," he sighed. Filled with a deep sadness he returned to his lonely lodge. His mind could not rest. Hunting, his favorite sport, he could no longer enjoy, nor the companionship around the fire at night with the storytellers, nor the admiration of the girls of his tribe.

The next day Waupee returned to the prairie (I was right was prairie) to wait near the ring. This time, in order to deceive the sisters, he assumed the form of an opossum (He hid under an animal skin and was very quite). The basket (Canoe) again floated down, to the centre of the magic ring, and once more he heard the sweet music. The maidens leaped out and began their sportive dancing. They seemed to Waupee to be even more beautiful and graceful this time.

In his disguise (under the animal skin), Waupee crept slowly through the grass towards the ring, but the instant he appeared, ready to seize the youngest, the sisters sprang together into their basket (Canoe). It rose (went east), but when it was only a short distance off the ground, Waupee heard one of the older girls speak. "Perhaps," she said, "it came to show us how our game is played on earth (In the west)."

"Oh, no!" replied the youngest, "Quick, let us ascend (Go up river)."

Once more the basket floated upward (Upsrteam) (East) out of sight.

Waupee returned to his own form (took off the Animal skin Camo) and walked sorrowfully back to his lodge. The night seemed long, and back to the plain he went early the next day. How could he secure that lovely maiden? While he pondered, he noticed an old stump of a tree near by in which mice were running about. He brought the stump over near the ring. "So small a creature would not cause alarm," he thought, and thereupon he turned himself into a mouse. (Hid in a hollow log like a mouse)

The sisters floated down (West) and took up their game. "But, look," cried the youngest. "That stump was not there yesterday." Frightened, she ran to the basket (Canoe). The others, however, only smiled and gathered around it. When they struck at it playfully, the mice ran out, Waupee among them. The girls killed all but one, which was pursued by the youngest sister. Just as she raised her stick to kill it, Waupee rose (Hopped out of the hollow log) and clasped her in his arms. Her eleven sisters sprang quickly into their basket (Canoe) and rose up into the sky.(Paddled up river to the east)

Waupee displayed all his skills, to please his bride and win her affection. As he wiped away her tears, he praised the way of life on earth (West). He was determined to make her forget her sisters. From the moment she entered his lodge with him, he was one of the happiest of men.

Winter and summer passed away and the girl found she loved this young hunter. Their happiness was greater when a beautiful boy was born to them.

But Waupee's wife was a daughter of one of the stars(Beautiful as a star or perhaps a princess of the star tribe) and she longed to visit her old home. While Waupee was hunting she managed to make a wicker basket, secretly, in the middle of the magic ring.

When it was finished she collected rarities, including special foods from earth, to please her father. With these she went one day when Waupee was away, taking her little son with her into the charmed ring. As soon as they had climbed into the basket (Canoe), she began to sing and the basket rose (Paddles the Canoe up the Ohio River to the east).

The wind carried her song to her husband's ear (He was down wind). He recognized her voice and ran at once to the prairie. But he could not reach the ring before his wife and child were ascending Leaving up River). He called and called after them, but they did not heed his appeals. Waupee could only watch the basket(Canoe) until it was a small speck and finally vanished in the sky (East). In utter grief, he lay down on the ground.

Through a long winter and a long summer, Waupee bewailed his loss and could find no relief. He mourned for his wife and even more for his son.

In the meantime Waupee's wife had reached her home among the stars (Cherokee) and almost forgot that she had left a husband on earth (In the west). The presence of her son reminded her, however, for as he grew up he began to wish to visit his father. One day his grandfather, who was the Star Chief (tribal but probably Head Chief of the Chreokee), said to his daughter, "Go, take your son to see his father, and ask him to come to live with us. Tell him to bring with him one of each kind of bird and animal he kills in the chase."

Accordingly, Waupee's wife took the boy and descended to earth (Paddled to the west down river). Waupee, who was never far from the enchanted circle, heard her voice as she came down from the sky (east). His heart beat with impatience as he saw her and his son, and he soon had them in his arms.

His wife gave him her father's message and Waupee began at once to hunt. Whole nights as well as days he searched for every beautiful or curiously different bird and animal. He took only a tail, foot, or wing--enough to identify each. When all was ready, he went with his wife and child to the circle and they floated up (Paddled up river).

Great joy greeted their arrival in the starry world (Cherokee Lands). The Star (Cherokee) Chief invited all his people to a feast. When they were together, he announced that each might take one of the earthly (Western) gifts, whichever was most admired. Some chose a foot, some a wing, some a tail, and some a claw. Those who selected a tail or claw became animals and ran off (Acted like the animal they selected and ran off and played). The others assumed the form of birds (Flapped their arms) and flew away (Pretened to fly around). Waupee chose a white hawk's feather and his wife and son followed his example (they chose his tribal symbol the white hawk feather to show thier acceptance). All three now became white hawks (No longer Cherokee the became Shawnee) and spread their great wings Raised their arms with the frather to show their decision to leave). They descended with the other birds (White Hawk Tribes people) down to earth, where they may still be found. (And the Shawnee Hawk Tribe live there today)

Note: Shaawaki (Shaw aki or Shah of the Aki, this man would have been The Grand Chief of all The Algonkin speaking nations in the South if not perhaps of all the Aki Peoples in North America making him The Kluscap of his day)

This is just one example of history being lost in Myth. Its just one man who finds love with a beautiful Cherokee Maiden who was torn between her tribe and her Love. and in the end their lover wins. Is this reality not better than a space ship full of women and people turning into animals. Indian Legends are not rocket science they are stories of people lives who walked this way. And the greatest story of their life and epic love gets lost in an alien spaceship tale. That is literary genoside in my mind. Not bad enough to kill the man must we kill the memory? Discussing the meaning of this serves no purpose. Its like discussing what the rabit really thought when the turtle won. WHO CARES! it adds nothing of value to the Fable They were not real. Discussing the Fable and missing the moral defeats the purpose. Like discussing if Darth Vader was really in love with Frodo I know different movie but does it matter they are not real.

Wapee and Star Maiden were real. If I had to guess this would be a story about a great treaty between The Cherokee Chief and Kluscap Waupee Shaawaki Ruler of the Aki.

I don't look for believers (Belly Eve) All I can do is stick an arrow in the ground to cast a shadow to the west. You must find the path or not.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:42 pm ]
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What evidence do we have:

White Hawk
Star Chief

Waupee - Strip Letters - WA or water high one or water king. Wa-u-pee or said Waterpee indicateds river so River King or River Chief.

Star - As it is today a bright object above our heads.

Maiden - An unwed woman. Unused man's den. A virgin.

River that flowes from the sky to earth from Hi to Lo Hilo or Hiho East to West.

Prarie - Flat land

White Hawk - name of a people or tribe W hite H awk, water people hidden aki water people hidden by woods or trees. living in a forest by a river.

Sky - Strip letters left with K or X your starting point where your arrow is placed to start.

Basket - Any vessel used to hold things from small to large like casket. Ask et is out of ash or ash like. B is woman ash ket and C is a large C ash ket C like Canoe

Earth - anywhere west of the X

Star Chief - A Higher Chief than you are.

Shawnee - People of the Ohio River Valley Shaw-nee not the Shaw or Grand Chief

Cherokee - "Called Principal People" with a Star Chief or high Chief. C-hero-kee Canoe hero yes.

Chief of the water people of the forest on the river was looking for a new woman in a canoe there were twelve maidens who came down from the east. the most beautiful Star of the east he had seen (Venus star of the east) Who is the Grand Chief of The Cherokee's daughter. She becomes pregnant and leave to retuen home to her haven in the east. Waupee Collects many animal samples and wins back his wife from the father.

Thats a long story made short.

This is the first time I read this. but what strikes me is the names Shawnee and Cherokee If you said these in a northern accent they would sounds like this Shaw Nee and Pharo Ka meaning Far arrow's shadow and over water it becomes far arrow seas shadow. Must be a big arrow... Or one of those big Oblisks in Egypt.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:44 pm ]
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Sadly I know very little of American History I do well to remember my own. But I do think I have come across a name for Waupee. I went over the stripped meaning W A water Chief or king. Waupee I can say is Loyalty which lends itself to The Shawnee to being a lesser status tribe to the Cherokee. And so Waupee a lesser rank name than Star. When The White Hawk Waupee married into the royal family of the Cherokee Star would have secured his loyalty and commitment to the Cherokee Bloodline thru his son. This son would have carried both royal bloodlines from the Shawnee and Cherokee. This Son of The Waupee and Star Maiden would be grand Chief of the Shawnee and Cherokee Over both the Shawnee Waupee and the Star Cherokee being of royal blood from both sides. No higher claim could have been made.

So the Phrase Linkin and Waupee means Power and Committment. Linkin cannot be stripped L i n kin (L-East or starting point i-man, n-hill kin-family) Family of eastern men over the hills. So his Title is Waupee name is Linkin, Waupee Linkin and is not your state of Illonoise the land of Linkin? I would say The White Hawks no only had the Klusecap in thier midst but also a great President as well. I took a close look at his picture In all honesty I don't think Abe was a white man. His family was in the illonois long before the mayflower arrived.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:46 pm ]
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"Illinois" is the modern spelling for the early French missionaries and explorers' name for the Illinois people, a name that was spelled in many different ways in the early records. Got to like these French White Shirts good records but terrible spellers

The name "Illinois" has traditionally been said to mean "man" or "men" in the Miami-Illinois language, with the original iliniwek transformed via French into Illinois. However, this etymology is not supported by the Illinois language itself, in which the word for 'man' is ireniwa and plural 'man' is ireniwaki (man and people would be more correct). (Ire means song and dance, Like Ireland) (So Ireniwaki is the song and dance people) The name Illiniwek (il li people of two directions joined as one ,east and west) (so Illinaki would be better correct) has also been said to mean "tribe of superior men", though this is nothing more than a folk etymology (the folks who give the meaning should know would you not think?). In fact (I love this word but look where it ranks in my first note just above belief) the name "Illinois" derives from the Miami-Illinois verb irenwe·wa "he speaks the regular way" I wonder what way is that thru his mouth maybe?). This was then taken into the Ojibwe language, perhaps in the Ottawa dialect, and modified into ilinwe· (pluralized as ilinwe·k (more correct illinaki). These forms were then borrowed into French, where the /we/ ending acquired the spelling -ois. The current form, Illinois, began to appear in the early 1670s. The Illinois's name for themselves, as attested in all three of the French missionary-period dictionaries of Illinois, was Inoka,( This is most correct In-hilo O-whole or together Ka-Kee or Shawnee Confederation with the Cherokee) of unknown meaning and unrelated to the other terms.(Not suprised the cannot figure it out after reading Star Maiden )


I would say with great certainty that this is Waupee Linkin's Crest The White Hawk and a medallion commerating the Joining of the River peoples River flowing from the Sky (we should know where that direction is The Marrrage of Linkin and Star Maiden.

Copper plates found at Pre-Columbian burial sites in Illinois.Native Americans lived along the waterways of the Illinois area for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. The Koster Site has been excavated and demonstrated 7,000 years of continuous habitation. Cahokia This was the home of Linkin Waupee of the Shawnee White Hawks, the largest regional chiefdom and urban center of the Pre-Columbian Mississippian culture, was located near present-day Collinsville, Illinois. At the high point of its development, Cahokia was the largest urban center north of the great Mesoamerican cities in Mexico. Although it was home to only about 1,000 people before c. 1050, its population grew explosively after that date. Archaeologists estimate the city's population at between 8,000 and 40,000 at its peak, with more people living in outlying farming villages that supplied the main urban center. In 1250, its population was larger than that of London, England. Just a guess but I would say Waupee Linkin and Star lived at or around 1050 and they and their children ruled the Shawnee and Cherokee from the Cahokia Capitol of the Inoka Confederation.

I checked some old maps and I think the Star Maiden was from a place called Angel on the Ohio and next city down is Tolu (meaning Thruough water) Although Kinkade (Familes Fort) was larger would be the Likely Home of Linkin Waupee.

Alot to be said for reading especially when you know the meaning of the words in the context the writer wrote them in. And we got to the meaning with no Gods no Magic no aliens and nothing supernatural going on.

Is it all correct? I hope not. Every one of my errors corrected makes the story that much closer to Knowledge and Wisdom so I hope you correct many. So Linkin and Star sing and dance once more in the hearts of the Shawnee and in the eyes of the Star Children.

You see there was nothing wrong with the Legend this has passed 7000 years thru an oral history in tact, peoples lack of understanding does not make this a Myth if you don't know what direction up is there is no hope of ever understand it. So people don't understand Star Maiden so they make up a meaning Baskets are space ships, Circles become crop circles, Floating in the sky means flying, Star maiden is an Alien in her own land.

But now we know the difference and see Star maiden as a real woman not some cartoon character in a space ship.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:48 pm ]
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No wonder I could not find Linkin Its spelled Lincoln Looks like a merger of Linkin and Inoka to make Linkoln. I would pronounce it like LinKhan King of the High Low People or High People Low King.

If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? Five? No, calling a tail a leg don't make it a leg.
Abraham Lincoln

Good rule for reading Aki.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:50 pm ]
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Now this is funny! I know what this is I have one of my own.



In the 1990s anthropologist Robert L. Hall proposed that the maskettes were used by Mississippian peoples as part of ritual adoptions in which important leaders extended fictive kinship to visiting leaders in order to cement political alliances and trade relationships. Hall, an expert on Native American belief systems, theorised that the maskettes were used to identify individuals involved in the adoption rituals with the figures of Red Horn (who was also known as "He-Who-Wears-Human-Heads-As-Earrings") (Who makes up these names) and his sons. Many of the myths of Red Horn and his sons, found amongst the Chiwere Siouan-speaking people including the Ho-Chunk and Ioway, involve instances of kinship and adoption. In his guise as "He who Gets Hit with Deer Lungs", ( Ya just the name I would give my son!) (Thats as bad as antlers in the tree tops by who goosed the moose ) Red Horn is also associated with the Calumet ceremony, which is another fictive kinship/adoption ritual. The differing shapes of the noses found on earpieces, including long, bent and short varieties, are explained by the myths as differing stages of the ritualized adoption process. In one specific myth, one of Red Horns twin sons is the "wild brother" and possesses a long nose. In the process of re-adoption into the tribe, his father prunes his long nose. This has led some researchers to think the masks start as the long nosed variety, denoting the first stage in the initiation process. As the individual progresses through the rituals, the nose is symbolically bent and eventually trimmed in the final phase, denoting full acceptance into the kinship system.

Now you see they found this "God mask" and its too small for a face mask and so they come to the conclusion they are ear rings.... think about it Red Horn and his twin sons... you got different varieties of noses Long bent and short... And we have red horn and the twins when the wild brother is present he possess a long nose.... For acceptance in the tribe you mush have you long nose trimmed.... Dang I must have looked stupid I never wore my long pee nose on my ears I ran around with it strapped to my red horn not my ears... How dumb was I?

Joking aside The Red horn mask was just that a cover for your Red Horn and the twins. The three masks were owned by each man the short one was not to night mask the Bent oner was Just finished but thanks. And the long one was ready willing and able. The cerimoney was performed on the full moon around the fire the men would stand in a circle back to fire with the long nose wilt 2 copper bells like sheigh bells on a cord hanging over the long horn. maidens would dance around singing and laughing and if they wanted you they rang your bells and you went off together. When you were done you put on the bent nose. And the men who were taken had the short nose so no bells could he hung on them..... Ohhh man who got hit with deer lungs I'm not going there Period... And the note of having the nose trimmed was circumsised The same as our custom today. Was done for ID purposes in battle you could fake a lot of things but not that sure fired way to do a quick check. Make sure you got all the right dead no uniforms back then to take back to burial mound or checking strangers saying they were friends.

I'm sure these anthropologists are great learned men but they sould really take a local along on the trip. Ear rings and nose ring.... Another one don't know up from down. Would be funny to see him with that on as a nose ring:shock: Then he would be called The brainie man with twins on chin. But thsi is what happens when we do not preserve our own culture learned men come and apply what they think they know about us and teach it to our children. Who's fault is that? Him for thinking he knows it all an "expert" or us for not keeping it alive?

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:50 pm ]
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The Shawnee call the Lenape their grandfathers (Pronounced Lin api) All aki means is people or family not a great leap to go from Lenape to linaki to linkin to lincoln.

Just struck me Lincoln was president during the civil war. One of his generals was William Tecumseh Sherman. In 1812 there was a Shawnee Chief by the name Tecumseh. Sherman served under Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant) Born in Pleasant Point Ohio, Shawnee land wonder what the S. in his name stands for? Andrew Johnson was lincoln's vice president and later president he too was from Shawnee lands. Ulysses S. Grant succeeded him as president. And I found William Henry Harrison aka Old Tippecanoe from Ohio. These men all have three things in common All were members of the Whig (wam) Party. All were from Shawnee Lands. And all have Eagle Beaks. The pointy nose of the Shawnee.

A dear friend of mine who I have been friends with since I was nee high. I called him Eagle Beak because if his pointy nose and He Called me Hawkeye because I always found things other people could not see. My eyes are not so sharp as they once were but I can spot an eagle beak a mile away. And those men are not European.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:51 pm ]
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Here is a prime example of sombody with shit for brains and a good education trying to tell me what this is a picture of...


This apperantly is the sole source of evidence for the long nose mask earing theory. [u]The mask is hanging on the wall not on his ear [/u]he is in the process of hanging up his bow on it. You see the dead buck on the floor and the log with a head carved on it is used to put his headress on and his hunting clothes. Thats what big boy pictured above was used for its a clothes rack and headress holder.

The headress itself was an antler with holes in it the holes were for the tipless arrows, most arrows were tipless they were sharpened and hardened over a fire. If the antler way just secured with a head strap with arrows added everytime you looked down the thing would fall off. SO a counter wieght was used in the back and was a box in this was some balsam gum arrow heads and spare feathers all for the arrows like a repair kit. When your ready to hunt you take the pointless arrow add a stone tip secure it with balsam and shoot arrow goes in if it falls out the tip remains.

There are two arrows with a U shapped end on them these are not shot (well in a last resort maybe) but are campfire spit holders so you can cook you food over a fire. They were secured tips on the end and served two purposes On for cooking and they are deadly when used as a knide the palm of the hand A knife was a very inefective weapon compaired to this one. Like holding a pen in your hane and hitting a desk it wants to slide where the spit arrow is like using a T shapped object and these were tipped with bone or stone and when they entered and hit a bobe because they were used for cooking they were dry as a bone and would shatter on impact with a solid bone just nasty.

AS time passed the front antler gave way to the quiver and the headress becak a thing of the past but the feathers remained as a symbol. More feathers on your head more arrows (warriors) you have in your tribe. See one of those fellows with feathers down to the ground and your tribe only has three feathers time to talk or run don't want to be messing with that chief.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:58 pm ]
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Our culture was Ruled by A Chief the old Aki or old Dan or Father of All with him was The Ghostman or Shaman or more correctly Sheman and the warrior Chief the strongest of all the sons of the tribe.

In time of peril the Young son was always ready to fight the threat, The Sheman always wanted to talk peace. And The Chief decided what was ultimately best for all. Even if that meant giving up the position of chief and becoming another tribe. The people came before self. Our Chiefs were not judged by what they had, but by how little they had,and how much they gave to the people. How can you be great when there are people with less than you? What kind of man sits in great comfort while his children starve?

This is death to us.


This is a burial mound its where the tribe rests not alone in holes but together as they lived on big family. This is The Queen Bee's Hive she lays on her back like a pregnant woman with open womb as it began so it ends in a mothers womb surrounded by friends and family forever. What greater comfort than that? It also served as a tornado shelter.

You see why Natives get upset over the explotation of the mounds? Finding them and looking in and digging for artifacts is not a problem finding out about the past is a good thing. But opening them up taking bodies, artifacts and charging admissions to walk on guided tours thru them is entirely different. Could you not build a replica of it and place plastic bones in it and make some bows and arrows and scatter them around. A little respect is all thats asked. Would you really want me going into the tomb of the unknown soldier and putting his bones out for display and digging up the surrounding graves to have a look? Hisroty is a good thing, entertainment for the curious show them plastic bones and a movie they will be happy.

Come in explore our past but leave it as you found it for future generations not scattered in musiem across north america.

Author:  SeaKey [ Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:44 pm ]
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SO if anyone would like my view on a story or legend just ask. I am never right but you can get my thoughts for the asking.

I will to be:
(White Salmon with a Heart of Gold)
Commander and Chief on Tanakiwinaki
Wise old man or crazy old fart... depends if your down wind or not :lol:

Author:  ndnhorseman [ Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:42 am ]
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okay... forgive times i'm slow...old age creeping up quickly .... in your intro you title it "beothuck" which is what i figured you were... then you start in with cherokee stories .... so what does this have to do with L/D/N culture? may i ask what nation you are from ... do you understand your culture , language, or traditions? just curious

Author:  SeaKey [ Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:43 am ]
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ndnhorseman wrote:
okay... forgive times i'm slow...old age creeping up quickly .... in your intro you title it "beothuck" which is what i figured you were... then you start in with cherokee stories .... so what does this have to do with L/D/N culture? may i ask what nation you are from ... do you understand your culture , language, or traditions? just curious

I know whay you say about old age my friend. And no need to forgive anyone who does not understand me I hardly understand myself at times. But you bring up a very interesting question I never gave any thought to before. "What does this have to do with L/D/N culture?" I always seen our people as one people or "Aki" not as seperate "Nations or Countries" It is interesting to me that you think I might have a different Culture or be from a different Nation or that our language was not all dialects of the same mother tongue Algonkin "Al-gon-kin" All-Fathers-Kin.

I see us as brothers from one creator with a shared past and shared language and shared culture when I see My brother the Lakota, Cherokee, Iroquois and Mic Mac. I do not see persons from different nations I see men who are brothers from the same family tribe. Nations have boarders to keep out those who do not belong to their culture. I see a great tree with Aki Clans across Tanakiwinaki and we all share the same roots. We have some difference with regards to local customs and the language has changes a little over the many thousandss of years we have lived apart. But the sap of the great Aki tree flows thru my viens the same sap that flows thru yours that is whay we are brothers. I don't see differences thats what seperates us. I see our common roots and one Aki Tree in the Tanakiwinaki that Unites us and makes us One. So a story of Red Horn of the Lakota and Star Maiden of The Cherokee has everything to do with L/D/N as much as the Beothuck its is a story of my brother. Not a story about some far away country in a strange land in a foreign Nation. My brothers story is a story about my family and I care about my family. I care not for Nations and Cultures they are Legal Names that divide lands and peoples they divide and conquor men. Family Unites men and gives them identity. I am Son of Beothuck you are Son of Lakota. Lakota and Beothuck are brothers sons of the Creator Manitou. Was he some magic god who came from the sky no of course not. He was the first chief of the Aki People to be remembered as Chief he Created the Aki not from mud or a chicken bone or a turtle shell. He created the Aki buy making a people be a family unit and he was the head of the family. Not the first people ever to set foot on the earth. The first family to be called the Aki or the People he was not the first man he was the first Chief that our people can remember.

And your Second question "may i ask what nation you are from ... do you understand your culture , language, or traditions? just curious"

I hope I answered your Second question with the first. And let me ask you this.
may i ask what nation you are from ... do you understand your culture , language, or traditions? Or do we have differences still?

You honor me with your Question my brother and I hope my new friend. I know my ways might be a bit strange to you but I hope strangely familure. I cannot speak for anybody but myself my views from my tree may be different for you look west and I look North but I hope we are still at least looking in different direction from the same tree and I don't find myself alone in my own tree or nation. The I would die of loneliness looking for my lost brothers. Think of me not as a person from a foreign country but as a man searching for his lost brothers. Look for what is the same in us not what is different about us. Many of my brothers yearn for the old ways but we never can go back to the past. The past is dead and gone to live there is to be a spirit. I will be there soon but NOT YET MY BROTHER! The past is to be respected and remembered not live in it is not our world it is our fathers world. We must build our world for our fathers who will rise again in the faces of our children. I honor my fathers buy building a good village for them to live in when they return. The circle of life goes ever on as I will rise again in the faces of those yet unborn BUT NOT YET MY BROTH!ER NOT YET! I have much to do before I sleep.

Some say: I will be what I will be... What sad words indeed I will only be what I am and nothing more... My father taught me to say I WILL BE, WHAT I WILL TO BE!
Some say: Time is like a river flowing endlessly over a rock... You only sit and watch time go by... My father taught me I am a white salmon that swims and travels thru the waters of time.. DO you like to sit and watch the river go by or do you want to go swimming with me my brother?

I will to be
The White Salomon with a Heart of Gold
Swimming Wild and Free
Never caught by the fishermen of souls.
No Nations No Boarders No Culture
I don't need them I know who I will to be

Can you read the words of OUR fathers in my ramblings or can you see that past reaching out and pointing to the future? Or maybe you are what you are and what will be will be. A slamon has no arms to point with or legs to walk with only a tale to pass thru time. I have come here to spawn ideas and to pass my talee thru the Lakota waters. If there is life here I can stay for a while but if all the Lakota are dead and gone no point remaining talking to people who do not want to listen or question the Salomon. Everyone would think you might be crazy talking to a man who thinks he is a fish :) I thank you for showing me life here in this Lakota waters it is good to see a brother. I can only go where I am needed I can never stay where I am wanted.

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