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 Post subject: To the Lakotah People
PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:31 pm 

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To the Lakotah people

After taking part, reading and listening to information about Lakotah people history, culture and situation of today, I would like to express some of my thoughts as a response to what I have learned.
First I want to thank all of you who have spoken and spread your message trough internet, which made it possible for me to hear your voices.
My message back to you is: Please never ever stop nourish that root of your culture!

I am born and live in Europe. And it seems to me that this programmed destruction of culture, that the Lakotah people and so many other people around the world have been exposed to is the same propaganda that European people have been exposed to by authorities and educated with for so many generations now, for thousands of years. I will call it a deformation process from real human beings to artificial humans with very low conscience.
When I started to understand that almost all “truths” are lies it was a very freeing but painful realization. It is also painful to see how very few people are interested in these questions.
For example, look at the world and then listen to the ones saying that the ruling culture is a highly developed culture! Why then so much war and violence against people and nature that we are destroying the essential preconditions for life? And no one is happy, how ever rich or educated or famous! That’s what I call artificial happiness!
But the artificial human being doesn’t want to be reminded of the human nature that he has denounced to be accepted into the artificial system. In European history we see that real humans who spoke about values like justice, freedom and peace were always relegated to the outskirts of society, declared crazy, jailed or killed.
I believe that one reason for the maniac destruction forced upon indigenous culture is -except for economic and politic- this artificial lie.
When an artificial human meets a real human with wisdom, self-respect, knowledge, self-confidence and a balanced mind, all this reminds him or her of all that he or she as a person has denied or betrayed. It reminds him of all the lies he has accepted. It reminds him of the subjugated person he has become under authorities he never questioned. He panics because the existence of a real person proves his own totally failure. He panics because inside him, however hided, screams his real human consciousness. And the artificial human then raises his voice not to hear. He builds, consumes, fights and kills to drown out his real voice and let the comfortable lie live on.

So, please don’t ever stop nourishing the root of your culture.
Children and young are ill and destructive all over the world and most of them have no elders or traditions to turn to any more. It gives me hope to see the work you are doing for Lakotah children. In Europe you can find ecological activists doing a great job for the environment and spiritual leaders doing a great job for people. But there is a lack of understanding of the whole and the spiritual connection between us humans and our Grandmother Earth and the whole creation.
I feel powerless many times in front of all the problems in the world today but I still have a bright vision for the future. I beleive in the power of Life and Spirit which can not be forced into any system!
I keep on praying for the healing of Lakotah nation as an important part of the real human existence. And I keep on praying for the healing of the whole world and its children including my own.

Thanks for taking your time reading this.
With love and respect
Karin Petropoulos

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