Russell Means: UN Listening Session is US Smokescreen

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Thursday, March 18, 2010 Russell Means: UN Listening Session is US Smokescreen Statement by Russell Means, Republic of Lakotah on the Occasion of the United States State Department “Listening Session” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 16 March 2010 Once again, the occupation government of the United States of America has trotted out its dogs and ponies [...]

Uranium Mining In The Black Hills – Debra White Plume’s Response to ‘Clean Nuclear’

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by Debra White Plume, Feb 2010 The planned uranium mine site in the southern Black Hills can impact four aquifers. Powertech, Inc. USA plans to begin uranium extraction in 2011 and operate for 15 years in the permit area of 10,580 acres located in Dewey and Burdock Counties, north of Edgemont, SD. PT plans to [...]

Massive Sioux Indian Reservation Battles Snow with 3 Ploughs

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By Denis Campbell As we have seen in the blizzards in Washington and New York 100s of crews of snowploughs and front-end loaders work feverishly to open roads, airports and railway tracks. But, what if you lived in the Cheyenne Sioux Indian Reservation of South Dakota and there were only three snowploughs to clear an [...]

Victory for Black Mesa – Judge Pulls Peabody Coal Permit

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 8, 2010 Department of Interior Judge Withdraws Peabody’s Coal-Mining Permit on Black Mesa Reverses 11th Hour Bush Administration Decision Black Mesa, AZ – A Department of Interior Administrative Law Judge withdrew Peabody Coal Company’s Life of Mine permit for operations on Black Mesa, AZ, handing a major victory to tribal and environmental organizations who appealed the [...]

Dear Jewish Journal

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In response to David A. Lehrer’s December 16th piece titled “A Vile Character Performs at the Taper”, I ask those of you who are seeking truths and balance to please visit the Republic of Lakotah website,  which documents the vile past and present genocidal policies of the United States of America. I also encourage those [...]

Variety review of Palestine, New Mexico

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Palestine, New Mexico (Mark Taper Forum, Los Angeles; 724 seats; $65 top) By BOB VERINI A Center Theater Group presentation for Culture Clash of a play in one act by Richard Montoya. Directed by Lisa Peterson. Sets, Rachel Hauck; costumes, Christopher Acebo; lighting and projections, Alexander V. Nichols; original music and sound, Paul James Prendergast; [...]

The United States continues to steal from Indians

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From Bill Means: With all due respect to Elouise Cobell, lead plaintiff in a recently settled lawsuit over American Indian trust funds (“U.S. to pay Indians $3.4B,” Dec. 9), I think the United States is continuing a policy of “Indians are not humans.” During the course of this long-running, class-action litigation, it has been documented [...]

Cooking the History Books: The Thanksgiving Massacre

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Is All That Turkey and Stuffing a Celebration of Genocide? By Laura Elliff, Vice President, Native American Student Association Thanksgiving is a holiday where families gather to share stories, football games are watched on television and a big feast is served. It is also the time of the month when people talk about Native Americans. [...]

Russell Means takes to the Stage in Los Angeles

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He was a controversial figure of the ’60′s and ’70′s counterculture movement. He participated in an armed standoff of American Indians against the U.S. government in 1973 at Wounded Knee. Later, in 1987, he ran for president (as a Libertarian). Now activist-turned-actor Russell Means is entering yet another phase of his career — he’s taking [...]

Indigenous Rights Leader shot, 2 family members killed in Yukpa territory, Venezuela

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On Tuesday, the day after the national government granted more than 40,000 hectares of land to Yukpa indigenous communities in northwestern Venezuela, assassins attacked the community of Yukpa chief and indigenous rights activist Sabino Romero, killing two and injuring at least four. Romero’s son in law, Ever Garcia, and a young, pregnant Yukpa woman were [...]

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