Weekend Update – Demopublican Crooked Thinking

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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means speaks to matters of consumption and the two separate cornucopias offered to those in the United States. He speaks as well to the Demo-publican way of thinking, which is continuing the devolution of critical thinking. Why is there no revolt of the serfs? Russell Means offers answers [...]

Russell Means: UN Listening Session is US Smokescreen

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Thursday, March 18, 2010 Russell Means: UN Listening Session is US Smokescreen Statement by Russell Means, Republic of Lakotah on the Occasion of the United States State Department “Listening Session” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 16 March 2010 Once again, the occupation government of the United States of America has trotted out its dogs and ponies [...]

Weekend Update – Forced Relocation

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Russell Means discusses the forced relocation of the Indians from the reservations to the cities through means of coercion as well as bureaucratic and economic despair. At a time when Indian culture, religion and language were outlawed, the Indian people became further disenfranchised and dispirited. Russell Means tells the story of his journeys through this [...]

Garry Rowland speaks about the Republic of Lakotah

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Garry Rowland – Tegheya Kte speaks about the history of treaties with the United States and the issues that eventually led to the establishing of the Republic of Lakotah in 2007.

Weekend Update – Genocide Almost Complete

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Uranium Mining In The Black Hills – Debra White Plume’s Response to ‘Clean Nuclear’

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by Debra White Plume, Feb 2010 The planned uranium mine site in the southern Black Hills can impact four aquifers. Powertech, Inc. USA plans to begin uranium extraction in 2011 and operate for 15 years in the permit area of 10,580 acres located in Dewey and Burdock Counties, north of Edgemont, SD. PT plans to [...]

Massive Sioux Indian Reservation Battles Snow with 3 Ploughs

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By Denis Campbell As we have seen in the blizzards in Washington and New York 100s of crews of snowploughs and front-end loaders work feverishly to open roads, airports and railway tracks. But, what if you lived in the Cheyenne Sioux Indian Reservation of South Dakota and there were only three snowploughs to clear an [...]

Matriarchy – Part 4

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Givers of Life, Women are Sacred. Russell Means continues in Part 4 through matriarchy and the miracles.

Weekend Update – Wounded Knee Museum

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Tegheya Kte – Garry Rowland explains about the construction of Wounded Knee Visitors Center, which is now called Museum.

Tegheya Kte on Land Theft

January 24, 2010 by  
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Tegheya Kte explains how the Church’s officials and the US Government stole even more of the last patches of land that was left to the Oglala Lakotah people.

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