Follow up to September 11, 2001

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The following message I wrote and published the days immediately following 911; it is self explanatory. I challenge every critical thinker to begin a real ‘Paradigm Shift’ physically, intellectually, and spiritually toward a ‘Matrilineal Reality’.

I realize in proffering this ‘Paradigm Shift’, I am asking for what seems to be the impossible; however we can use as existing models the Indigenous Peoples of the world whose everyday structures remain ‘Matrilineal’.


Russell Means Response to the September 11 Attack


To Whom It May Concern:


OnTuesday, September 11, 2001, I sat transfixed before the television watching the horror of the world trade center with many emotions running through my heart. On that day I said many prayers for the victims, families and the rescuers.


Since that painful day, I have read countless articles and editorials depicting the terror in newspapers fromNew York City,Los Angeles,AlbuquerqueandSanta Fe,NM. I have a feeling of sadness at the war mongering that has become the norm for patriarchal societies throughout history, up to and including today.


The remainder of that intolerable week, I tried to get through toNew York Cityand the immediate area to find out how my friends and relatives were. Finally, on Friday and Saturday, I began getting messages through to my friends. On Sunday, September 16, my friend Rainer Greeven, Esq. called to assure me that he, his family and immediate friends were safe. However, within his own circle of friends and business associates he had been deeply affected. In fact, he told me he didn’t know anyone in NYC that wasn¹t affected by tragedy. During the course of our conversation, he asked me what I thought our response, as a nation should be. I shared with him the following: “George W. Bush has the opportunity to become the greatest President this country has ever produced and to change the course of history. All he has to do is turn the other cheek and reach out to every country and to all peoples in the world.” Mr. Greeven was taken aback and his response was, “We have to go after the terrorists wherever they are.” I then responded Yes, go after the perpetrators of this holocaust and do what justice demands. Then, Mr. Bush could restart the Peace Corps or any other type of corps he would like to designate. They would go to countries around the world and monitor and assure our foreign aid not only goes to governments but deserving communities and organizations. This would reverse theU.S.policies of granting foreign aide to prop up dictatorships who agree to be our ally. Thus, within four to five years there would not be a country in the world that would allow anti-U.S. terrorists to find haven in their countries.


Unfortunately, Bush has chosen the typical male response of revenge and vengeance, so now we are on the same course as the Israelis, where state violence engenders individual violence and vice versa. While Mr. Bush has told the Palestinians and the Israelis to end their cycle of violence, he and all the “bipartisan” leaders of this country are now in danger of enlarging the very same cycle of violence.


The military-industrial complex and their dupes inWashingtonD.C.have now found the perfect never ending war, a war against the unknown. This will be worse than the drug war. In order for this war against the unknown to continue forever, sporadic terrorist acts of violence will have to take place withinAmerica. The landscape of America will become littered with armed forces guarding every airport, TV station, bank, refinery, utility company, communication company, water plant, etc. etc. etc. This is not a doomsday scenario; this is logic based upon the growth and power of the federal government. It is historical fact.


Soon Americans will not be able to travel anywhere in the world without great fear for themselves and for their families.


The first duty of a true patriot is to question authority; the first responsibility of a patriot is to be a good neighbor. I have heard the refrain “this is a wake up call forAmerica” from many Americans from all over this country, so I ask those good Americans, who is responsible for putting us in harm’s way? It is the policies of our past and present leadership of theUnited States of America.


We can no longer be a country in denial and continue to live in the fantasyland ofAmerica, right or wrong. We must accept the fact our military continues to kill men, women and children and are now planning to do it again.


Americans, what are you going to do?

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