Weekend Update #33: Bail Out

October 30, 2009 by  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means asks why there has been no massive public outcry in response to the bailout of 2008, which is projected to cost $7 trillion dollars. He speaks as well of the need for a living and vibrant consitutiton as well as a citizenry that responds truthfully to the [...]

Weekend Update #32: Educating the People

October 23, 2009 by  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means speaks of the importance of educating in the matters of wisdom. Whether its the Maori of New Zealand, or the T.R.E.A.T.Y. School, Russell Means tells us of the inallianable right of all things to exist, and how to listen to what the clouds have to teach.

Indigenous Rights Leader shot, 2 family members killed in Yukpa territory, Venezuela

October 17, 2009 by  
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On Tuesday, the day after the national government granted more than 40,000 hectares of land to Yukpa indigenous communities in northwestern Venezuela, assassins attacked the community of Yukpa chief and indigenous rights activist Sabino Romero, killing two and injuring at least four. Romero’s son in law, Ever Garcia, and a young, pregnant Yukpa woman were [...]

Weekend Update #31: Indigenous Knowledges

October 16, 2009 by  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means sets the record straight about the land crossing over the arctic, as well as the creation stories and the myriad accomplishments of the Indigenous People. He speaks as well of the plague from the Vatican, and the 6,000 year war still raging in this 10 minute installment.

Police State Won’t Help

October 13, 2009 by  
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In response to the opinion of Senator John Thune (R-Senator SD) dated 10/12/09, http://www.indianz.com/News/2009/016956.asp … I applaud his recognition of what the governments’ call Native American day and what he believes to truly honor the legacy of the Dakota Dakota, and Nakota traditions.  The Senator’s opinion to solving the crisis  the Dakota, et .al. face [...]

Nobel Update

October 12, 2009 by  
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“Hello my relatives. Today is NOT a good day…” Russell Means speaks about Obama’s recent award of the Nobel Prize and the meaning of the prize, as well as its history. 1971-Henry Kissinger awarded Nobel Peace Prize after the conclusion of an 18 month B-52 bombing campaign of Cambodia, where an estimated 600,000 villagers were [...]

Weekend Update #30: Holiday Season

October 9, 2009 by  
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In this edition of Weekend Update, Russell Means helps us re-evaluate the Holiday season through the lens of genuine history. From the celebration of massacres, to the bastardization of full and new moon celebrations, Russell Means speaks to what actually happened to show how we can better understand the past and more frequently celebrate the [...]

Matriarchy Update

October 8, 2009 by  
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Russell Means speaks of the bad news, the injustices, the indignities, the inhumanities and the good news that can help free humanity from the current destructions.

River Update

October 6, 2009 by  
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In this edition, Russell Means gives thanks for a recent journey with fellow travelers down the Colorado River. He speak as well to why the voyage held the imagination of the travelers. River Update from Russell Means on Vimeo.

T.R.E.A.T.Y. School Update #8: Solar Build

October 6, 2009 by  
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Dear Friends, With the swiftness of the Northern Plains, a frost arrived last week and provided a swift end to the growing season for the garden. In the end, we were able to jar three dozen quarts of salsa & tomatos, along with drying many bags of summer squash, roma tomatos, crookneck squash and green [...]

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