Weekend Update #17: Responsibility

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Russell Means speaks of responsibility of history, of ancestry and of the future generations.

Reconciliation Forum – Russell Means speaks of the Indigenous Struggles

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“You can’t have peace without reconciliation, you cannot have reconciliation without justice, and you cannot have justice without truth.”

Russell Means & Bill Clade: Article VI Fraud, Matriarchy & Empire

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Russell Means & Bill Clade talk of fraud, matriarchy & the times to come on American Voices Radio.

LEAP / E2020 Report – May 2009

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The financial surrealism which has been chairing stock market trends, financial indicators and political commentaries in the past two months, is in fact the swan song of the referential framework within which the world has lived since 1945.

Wounded Knee ’73: Full Video On-Line

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Watch the 80-Minute Documentary “Wounded Knee ’73″, available free on-line.

Weekend Update #15 – Land for Sale: USA

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Russell Means discusses The G20 Meeting in London, the rising debt load and the coming impacts for the world populace.

To Be Black & Head of the U.S Empire: A Contradiction in Terms

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The inescapable but deliberately ignored irony about Barack Obama being installed as this nation’s first so-called black president is that being Black in ‘America’ has in reality always meant so much more than mere color pigmentation.

T.R.E.A.T.Y. School Update #4 – Summer Build Begins!

May 11, 2009 by  
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As the last of the snow melts back and the turkeys begin their dances, plans are shaping up for the summer.

Bernie Madoff, Scapegoat – Words of Truth By Michael Moore

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Madoff Is a Convenient Distraction for a Bunch of Crooks Who Aren’t in Jail.

Rebuliding America, one Neighborhood at a Time – Russell Means with Scott Horton

May 7, 2009 by  
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Russell Means in discussion with Scott Horton on topics from Corporate Farming, Establishing Neighborhood Power and the mass thievery known as property tax.

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